9 Lessons I’m Glad Life Taught Me

1. TimeTime passes quickly, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll live long enough to marvel at the memories.Picture yourself in twenty years walking past a park where you used to play with your friends when you were in kindergarten. While you’re passing by you notice that the park in now jam-packed with a new set of little faces. As you watch these kids swinging from the swing set and climbing trees together, you reminisce about simpler times and think about how these kids are going to grow up someday and do many of the same things that you’ve done. They will fall in love, and make mistakes, and fight adversities, and change their minds a dozen times about what they want to do with their lives.

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  1. This is great edvice! The younger generation needs to read this maybe it will help them out. I know if i knew these thing when I was a kid, life would of been a little easier.